PreventS-MD has flexible deployment options. You can choose a standalone version or integration with your existing Patient Management System. We also have experience in special version development to meet the specific demands of a customer and embedding service into specific digital products.


platform architecture

distinctive features

various versions
verified high level
of data protection
flexible customisation and regular updates


Integration into the existing information system of a healthcare organisation
(hospital, outpatient clinic, etc.)
at local, regional or national levels
Installing a web application on the network of the health provider
PreventS-MD becomes available as a dedicated website through a web browser from all authorised computers within the local network


may vary depending on local specifications and requirements

Audit of the existing CVD
prevention system
Approval of technical specifications for the PreventS-MD system
Piloting PreventS-MD® | training
Clarification of requirements for the system
based on the results of the pilot
System adaptation to the local IT requirements
Implementation throughout the medical organisation
Support/maintenance and updates
throughout the entire period of usage (as agreed)


towards implementation

Implementation period is around 10 days
Trial period is limited to 2 weeks
We are ready to deploy the PreventS-MD® system non-commercially at 3 clinicians' workplaces in your medical institution
as a trial to let you assess the usefulness and practicality of PreventS-MD®